Note: this page is outdated, but kept here to give everyone an idea of what we did April to June 2013. Stay tuned for our Fall 2013 event calendar.

Here is a listing of all of the events that we have scheduled for Spring term 2013. Please note that these events are subject to change at any time! Our Thursday night Conversation and Activitiy Hours are from 7 to 9 PM, and are typically held in the Intercultural Center. Hope to see you there.

Week 1

Thursday April 4th – Conversation Hour from 7 to 9 PM in the Intercultural Center. Our theme for tonight will be: “how to improve WSF.” Bring along any suggestions you may have for us!

Week 2

Thursday April 11th- Speed Conversation Hour! It’s a paired conversation night, kind of like speed dating without the dating part.

Sunday April 14th – Trip to Sakura Sunday!!

Week 3

Thursday April 18th – Conversation Hour. Theme to be announced.

Week 4

Thursday April 25th – Watch and Respond Activity Night. We will watch some scenes from “Mind Your Language,” and then respond to them.

Saturday April 27th – Trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary. If the weather’s nice, we may also explore Kelly Drive.

Week 5

Thursday May 2nd – Conversation Hour. Theme to be announced.

Week 6

Thursday May 9th – Acting Activity Day. Act out a character in a scene.

Saturday May 11th – Trip to Old City! We will see the Magic Garden, which closes at 4:30, and other things.

Week 7

Thursday May 16th – Conversation Hour.

Week 8

Thursday May 23rd – Activity Hour.

Week 9

Intercultural Celebration – This will be World Speak Freely’s end of the term (and possibly end of the YEAR) party!! More information to be announced.


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