Below are some testimonials from anonymous Worlds Speak Freely members and fans. Feel free to send us an email at drexelwsf@gmail.com if you would like to leave a comment of your own.

“Worlds Speak Freely is a great opportunity to improve English skills in a friendly and welcoming environment to all students from different cultures. It is not just an opportunity to enhance language skills but also a great social circle to make friends and learn about many cultures.”

“It’s a fun and cute club.”

“I used to get stuck in the middle of the sentence due to lack of practice. Now I feel more confident with my English. I needed a boost and WSF gave it.”

“[Worlds Speak Freely has] helped me to understand people with different accents better.”

“I already speak English as a first language, but I like helping others who are willing to improve their English.”

“[Worlds Speak Freely is] a welcoming, relaxing club where one can, well… Speak freely!”

“Experiencing random bits of other cultures and how people adapt to the US is extremely interesting! I had a lot of fun meeting everyone.”


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